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Reflexology - Applications
The art to perform findings in therapy and well-being is really special. It's the attempt to detect something we know that it is evident but we don't know about the where and the circumstances. In that process we are always in the risk of searching something we have as a concept in our mind. Especially in reflexology any search could mean that we find exactly what we expected. But that has quite often nothing to do with the issues that concern our clients or patients. Therefore findings can only get appropriate results with an attitude of openness, interest, attentiveness and an almost childlike curiosity.

In reflexology findings mainly relate to the MPR - the Maximum Points of Reference. In therapies these are the points or zones, which indicate a disturbed regulation of an organ or an organ system and we can use these findings accordingly for further clarification and for appropriate measures.

In well-being professions these points will be used differently. There our impulses accomplish a maximum harmonization of the whole person and so the applications at the MPR helps us to guide our clients very quickly in an individual field of a well-being. That can be observed, among other signs, in the respiratory reference.

In addition to the findings by regarding and and palpating the skin and its connective tissue we may use the "elevator technique". This method has proved its effectiveness for meanwhile more than 25 years. As further supports in finding we can use different testing methods, like muscle test or palpation of the pulse.

Finally, there are result sheets of the reflexology systems on the hands, feet and ears which you get as pdf downloads free.

Of course, all findings, if we want to use them therapeutically, will have to be verified - or rejected - by other diagnostic procedures. Reflexology thus does not release us from using modern medical diagnosis, such as X-ray, CT, laboratory, ultrasound, EAV or other procedures. But the elegance and the strength of the reflexology findings lies the initial finding at the very start of a treatment. The way of beginning often determines the course of the whole therapy and this is always is a big challenge for beginners as well as for long-serving professionals. In this regard the findings in reflexology are a wonderful addition to the practical work.