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Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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Reflexology - Applications
Result sheets
Free downloads
For the documentation of your observations and findings you'll have the results sheets free at your disposition. The adjacent symbols have been found to be useful for your entries. The results sheets are expressly free to copy and free distribution.

.....and one more request:

Please avoid hasty conclusions! The correlations arise only at the end considering all perceptions. Above all, do not make a flood of words of your impressions.

Result sheet Face- free download   Result sheet Tongue - free download   Result sheet Ears - free download   Result sheet Iris of the eyes - free download  Result sheet Skull - free download   Result sheet Neck - free download 

Result sheet Iliac crest - free download   Result sheet Back and Shu-points - free download   Result sheet Frontside and Mu-points - free download   Result sheet Hands - free download   Result sheet Feet - free download