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Reflexology - Basics
"Metabolism" is a term that is as often misunderstood as frequently as it is used. More specifically, there are actually three metabolic systems with an exchange of substances and all three are closely intertwined.

The first of these location we find at the layers of our digestive system where the food, prepared by the stomach, is taken into our organism, the indigestible is funnelled through and the leftovers are to be excreted.

 Another change of substances occurs at the membranes of the cells. There oxygen, nutrients and other vital substances are being taken into the cell's interior and the remains of the cell processing are sluiced out of through the cell membranes.
Reflexology - Basics - Good Metabolism
The third and therapeutically most important metabolism takes place between the first two. Pischinger has described this as the basic regulatory system. That represents an essential function of the connective tissue.

 The connective tissue is our largest system of an organ which spreads throughout our whole body. It weighs up to twelve kilos and its basic structure is filled with a tissue fluid in which the cells are embedded. Since each of the 50 trillion cells of the body cannot be supplied individually, evolution has created a pool system - our inner primordial sea. The induced substances are discharged from the vessels into the connective tissue, where they reach via diffusion and active transport processes to the cells. On the other way the cells release their slags from their intra-cellular work into this interior primordial sea. There, the lymphatic system ensures the removal of the slags for recycling or elimination. Here at least it should be clear that this metabolic system is the central element for the life of our cells and that the well-being of the cells depends on the quality of our primordial sea.Reflexology - Basics - Bad Metabolism

Is this metabolism charged by too many slags, drug residues, environmental toxins or poor diet the cells suffer. A clear primordial sea is also a guarantee for an excellent exchange of information between the cells (communication by bio-photons according to Popp).

A well-functioning metabolism is an essential factor for successful reflexology treatments. Therefore, all measures in these treatments are to be supplemented with accompanies which relieve the metabolism. Then the body can implement the reflexology impulses appropriately. To support the metabolism we have the huge potential of the holistic medicine and homoeopathic remedies at our disposition. These accompaniments make a significant contribution to our holistic reflexology treatments.