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Reflexology Basics - History

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Reflexology - Basics
Approx. 3300 BC. Celtic - tattoos on "Iceman's" Skin
Approx. 2300 BC. Egypt - reflexology painting in the physicians' tomb in Saqqara
Approx. BC 400th China - Wang Li documented reflexology
Approx. AD 500th Maya culture - reflexology panels carved in stone

Selected modern developments and descriptions - annual figures are approximate specifications:

1670 Philippi Meyen - signs on nails and fingers
1834 W. & D. Griffin - connection between body disorders and spine reactions
1873 von Peczely - systematic mapping of sign in the iris
1875 Lange - relationships of organs to skin areas
1883 Voltolini - discovery of changes in the nasal mucosa at disturbances of reproductive organs
1886 Weihe - pressure points that are associated with diseases and homeopathic remedies
1893 Head - segmental spine relations with the dermatomes
1893 Mackenzie - muscle allocations to the segments
1893 Fliess - extensive use of the nasal reflexology zones
1910 Fitzgerald - specific use of the reflexology at the feet and hands
1928 Huneke - neural therapy e.g. in the dermatomes
1929 Dieke - begin of the connective tissue massage in the dermatomes
1930 Ingham – modification of Fitzgerald's zone system
1950 Vogler - sclerotomes: zone allocation to the periosteum
1952 Nogier - reflexology at the ear - auriculotherapy
1957 Strobl - reflexology on the tongue
1958 Cornelius - nerval points massage
1960 Adler - lymphatic reflexology points on the neck
1960 B. und K. Kunz - spread of reflexology at the feet in America
1960 Marquardt - spread of reflexology at the feet in Europe
1968 Voll - relationship of the teeth with the organs
1970 Voll - somatotopy on the metacarpals (hand line I – thumb - lymph)
1975 Yamamoto - somatotopy on the head
1975 Gleditsch / Mandel - tonsils' lymph belt
1978 Zeitler - reflexology on the scull
1980 Mandel - Kirlian terminal point diagnostics
1983 Gleditsch - first overall view of reflexology somatotopies
1985 Zhang - somatotopy on metacarpal II (hand line II - ECIWO)
1985 Buchheit - vaginal somatotopy
1989 Siener - new punctual pain and organ therapy (NPSO®)
1990 Gleditsch - somatotopy on metacarpal V (hand line V)
1991 Yamamoto - somatotopy e.g. on the forehead, back of the head and abdomen