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Reflexology - connecting with the energetic flow

Reflexology - the body as an idea of the spirit
Connecting with the energetic flow
This excerpt from the book "CRYSTAL WANDS" applies equally to all treatments in reflexology.INNER TRADITIONS

Deep inside we all have a sense of what is good for us and what could be harmful. Even more, every one of us has its own world of energy perception. Some of us feel the energies of the earth, others have access to the human energy fields, and still others may perceive the energy situation of a room. Oddly enough, all people can feel the energies of crystals. Often this is limited to the fact that we intuitively grasps a particular stone and not any other. This can be demonstrated vividly with the Joya® spheres, which are the same size and the same temperature. Once one rummages with his eyes closed in a bag with these spheres, even sceptics grab with a high frequency over again one with a similar gemstone quality. Thus we may assume that with precious stones we are dealing with energies that affect us internally. No wonder then, that massages with crystal wands address deep levels of our self as human. And as a compass for the treatments with this type of massage we may use our intuition - our felt knowledge.

Sit down comfortably, with your feet firmly on the ground, and lay your hands on your navel.

Now imagine that your feet are taking root. With every breath, feel the rising and falling of your tummy under your hands, and feel the roots spreading out further and deeper into the Earth. Keep sending your roots down, down and down, until they reach the core of the Earth, right to the magma. Allow your roots to enjoy splashing around in the magma, and watch as all burdening thoughts and feelings flow away.

Now please bring your attention to the top of your head. Imagine you are opening your spiritual ‘sunroof’, and then search in the starry sky for a beautiful star. Allow that star to shine down on you, and feel how this very pleasurable light is streaming down your spine and flowing down through your root tips into the magma. Gradually, this light will begin spraying like a sparkling bubble bath of light around your roots. In this way, you are creating a beautiful, light-flooded connection between our outer universe and your inner Earth, and you will feel how good it is to be a mediator of energies. This will solidly anchor you to your place in the present. Feel how all the burdening energies are flowing away and are being transformed through this connection. If you can make space to experience this ‘flow’, you will be able to begin giving your treatment in a fresh and composed state of mind.

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